Sandblasting abrasive

It is essential for you to get the details the knowledge of sandblasting material for effective sandblasting. Without having knowledge of abrasive material for sandblasting, you cannot get desired performance by the sandblasting machine. So it is necessary to take insight about the sandblasting material.

Generally, the Sandblasting machine is utilized for removing rust and preparing a surface to receive the new coat of pain. In the process of sandblasting- sand, glass beads and other sandblasting abrasive is being used at high speed across the surface. Firstly in sandblasting process, we need to determine that what kind of material and equipment is required for effective sandblasting.

Apart from it, you also need to analyze the degree of work and the type of sandblasting abrasive; tools are required for effective sandblasting. Meanwhile, the types of material used for different surface depends on how difficult the removal. So it is mandatory to know more about the abrasive blasting material & instructions for the excellent sandblasting work. Here is the detail of the sandblasting material which for effective sandblasting.

Glass Bead

Glass beads

To obtain a finish with no profile, Glass Bead is the product of choice. The non-metallic spherical beads provide effective cleaning, polishing, debarring or peening of metal, plastic or rubber materials.
Features: • No free silica • Works well on stainless steel • Removes paint finishes from automobiles • Clean chrome or copper parts, aluminum wheels & rims.

Garnet Sand

Garnet sand

Garnet is a hard, heavy, durable abrasive. It can be recycled up to 5 times without a loss in performance. Garnet can be used for cleaning steel in various applications including ship building and repair, tanks, offshore platforms, and pipelines. It is also used to provide surface finish for powder coaters. Garnet has the following
Advantages & Benefits: • Cuts fast and reduces abrasive consumption • environmentally friendly • No special disposal requirements • Low dusting • Recyclable

Aluminum oxide

Aluminum oxide (Sand Blasting abrasive) is fused electrically by using alumina and other materials also. It has higher hardness and greater toughness than other materials. Our clients always appreciate our offers and high-quality material.

We serve the bulk order of our clients and can also avail these SandBlasting abrasive at competitive market prices. These (Sand Blasting abrasive) Aluminum oxide materials are available in different colors & sizes that can deliver as per their requirements.Usually, there are two types of Aluminum Oxide sandblasting materials are highly demanded in the market. Have a look at the details:

    Aluminum oxide
  • Brown Aluminum Oxide:
  • Being one of the leading aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers, we provide the best quality of brown aluminum oxide for optimal performance versus reprocessed. It contains less than 1.6% free silica; therefore it is safer to use than sand. Long with it, its grit size is consistent and cuts much faster than sand, leaving a smoother surface.

  • White Aluminum Oxide:
  • We provide a large number of White Aluminum Oxides for our clients it is produced to adhere the industry standards. White Aluminum oxide has similar hardness and greater toughness than other sandblasting material. It is the best material for the harder things to remove rust and making a smoother surface. We serve the bulk order of our clients at the best competitive prices.

    Meanwhile, This Aluminum oxide is made from the smelting of calcined bauxite in an electric arc furnace at 2000+ degree temperature. Our team is committed to maintain strict quality standards and abide all industry conditions.