Steel Shots and Steel Grits

Most of the metalworking industries are the main users of steel shot and Steel grit, nonferrous and ferrous foundries and metal fabricators etc. Blast cleaning with steel abrasives is a vital and critical operation at various stages of primary metal production. The main functions performed by blaster with steel abrasives are as follows:

Steel Shots

Steel Shots– This is a Grey metal Spheres which is Used in Airless Wheel Blast Machines to clean foundry castings, shot peening and surface polishing. Meanwhile it is also used in Portable Track blast Airless wheel blast machines. Most importantly, it is a long lasting abrasive that can be recycled many times.

Steel Grit- It is a hard, angular abrasive that we use to clean and etch the hardest steel surfaces. Steel grit has a maximum breakdown resilience, so with proper recycling equipment, steel grit can also be re-used number of times. Steel Grits features are as follows:

Steel Grit

We, Quality Spare Centre are the authorized wholesale distributors of abrasives with Raipur Rotocast Limited in NORTHERN REGION of India. Raipur Rotocast Limited is a pioneer in the manufacturing of Steel shot and Steel Grits etc. The company is a maker leader in this segment and has been successful in its mission of providing high performance shot blasting media for the metalworking industries in India.

Rotocast Steel Shots are solid spherical balls of steel with a chemistry and crystalline structure so designed that it gives the best possible performance as a shot blasting media. It has a uniform structure of finely tempered marten site which gives optimum resilience and resistance to fatigue. The perfect spherical shape of these balls is ensured by a unique casting & segregation process. Special Steel Shots with unique properties for special applications are processes on demand if required quantities. Rotocast Steel Grits are angular in shape with uniform grain sizes & special abrasion resistance quality. Both Steel Shots and Steel Grits are available as per IS or SAE Specifications.