What is steel shots

Steel Shots– Steel shot is spherical metallic abrasive produced by the molten steel by means of atomizing process. Metalworking Industries are the main users of Steel Shot: ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, steel mills, coating, forge shops and the metal fabricators, sand removal and to improve the metal surface preparation etc. since its process is not an abrasive one hence steel shot produces the least level of dust.

The basic functions performed by the steel shot blasting come under these categories:

Advantages of Steel Shot:

Blast cleaning with steel abrasives is an important operation at various stages of primary metal production. The different varieties and the size of the steel shot give an excellent result on the metal surface. It produces the most economical abrasives by the recycling capacity of more than 30 times due to its robustness and durability.

A larger steel shot aggressively cleans a rougher surface. In order to accelerate steel shot on the surface, both wheel blast and air powdered system is used.

Steel shot produces the least dust because its process is not abrasive. Steel shots are used to overcome condensate strength to torque or loading metal parts such as engine turbine blades, crankshafts and heavy-duty spring.

Steel Grit- Steel grit is produced by crushing steel shot. Therefore it is having the same chemical properties. A specific heat treatment process ensures an optimal microstructure and hardness. There are three types of steel grit are available, with different degrees of hardness. Steel grit is a high-speed abrasive that is suitable for compressed air blasting in recycling systems, such as shot blast rooms, cabinets, etc. Steel Grit has the following advantages and specifications.

Steel Grit Advantages: Specifications:

Garnet Steel Shot-Garnet is a hard, heavy and durable abrasive. Generally, it is used to clean steel in various applications including tanks, shipbuilding and repairs, pipelines, offshore platforms etc. to provide the surface finish for powder coaters. The best part of this abrasive is that, it can be recycled up to 5 times. Garnet steel shot has the following advantages and specifications.

Advantages: Specifications:

We, Quality Spare Centre are the authorized wholesale distributors of abrasives with Raipur Rotocast Limited in NORTHERN REGION of India. Raipur Rotocast Limited is a pioneer in the manufacturing of Steel shot and Steel Grits etc. The company is a maker leader in this segment and has been successful in its mission of providing high performance shot blasting media for the metalworking industries in India.

Rotocast Steel Shots are solid spherical balls of steel with a chemistry and crystalline structure so designed that it gives the best possible performance as a shot blasting media. It has a uniform structure of finely tempered marten site which gives optimum resilience and resistance to fatigue. The perfect spherical shape of these balls is ensured by a unique casting & segregation process. Special Steel Shots with unique properties for special applications are processes on demand if required quantities. Rotocast Steel Grits are angular in shape with uniform grain sizes & special abrasion resistance quality. Both Steel Shots and Steel Grits are available as per IS or SAE Specifications.