Differences between Shot blasting and Sandblasting

Both, sandblasting and shot blasting are the techniques which are used for the surface preparation like smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface, or remove surface contaminants. If we talk about the differences between shot blasting and sandblasting, it is important to know about both techniques of surface preparation.

Shot blasting and Sandblasting Method:

Generally, in shot blasting a turbine is used to get acceleration for the abrasive and it turns at a very fast rate in the steel housing. Shot blasting is used with metals, mobile shot blasting and these machines are used for blasting floors, drums and walls etc.

All though, sandblasting is the process of effectively propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface at a very high pressure to smooth a rough surface or remove surface contaminants. These both are the technique as well as machinery which are used for a variety of applications for blasting floors, wall, drums and another thing that needs resurfacing.

Meanwhile, sandblasting has several types of variations including bead blasting, sandblasting and shot blasting. In this article we are going to talk about the shot and sandblasting and their similarities and differences but before it has a look at these procedures of Shot Blasting Equipment.

shot blasting vs sand blasting

All types of blasting equipment use different blasting material such as silica sand to metallic materials along with it, steel shot, steel grit and cut wire etc. you may or may not aware of it but let tell you that agricultural products like crushed nut shells and fruit kernels are also used in the blasting process for removing graffiti and removal of printed circuit boards paints.

Normally, with portable shot blasting equipment, the blasting procedures take place in a Blast Cabinet. Essentially the blast cabinet is the place where the material is blasted and crafted into the beautiful structure. In this process, the operator stands outside of the cabinet viewing the object with a view to ensure safety. Meanwhile, the operator also places his arms into the gloves and uses his foot to adjust the blast operation and blast cabinet is contained in the blast room.

Differences between Sandblasting Machine and Shotblasting Machine:

Many peoples are keen to know about the difference between a sandblaster and shot blaster. Well if we go in the depth of both these procedures, there is hardly little deference. The equipment is all the same! The only difference we can find between both is for blasting materials. Mostly, in Sand blasting silica sand as its media and in shot blasting, we use metallic shots that range from steel, copper to aluminum etc.

Safety does Matter:The safety with sand blasting procedures is required to provide the adequate levels of respiratory protection. Main concern lately is the fact that sand tends to dissolve quickly which creates large quantities of dust. Because of that, it exposes the operator to the chances of a debilitating lung disease called silicosis. Using it as an abrasive has been banned in several countries for this exact reason.

However, different Medias are useful for each project but it also depends on what you are working on. For safe and healthy blasting, you have to make sure with an experienced operator and using the right safety equipment for sand and shot blasting procedure.